Emotify Wants You To Tag The Internet Based On How You Feel – Are Emotions The Next Tagging Format?

Emotify Wants You To Tag The Internet Based On How You Feel – Are Emotions The Next Tagging Format? ...

emotify-reallybigEmotify is out to change the way that you tag, sort, find, and consume web content. It combines bits of StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, and oddly enough, your heartstrings.

On the internet people tag things based on their intrinsic content. Tags revolve around #apple, or #epicfail. Much less common is a person that tags something #inspiring, or #shocking. Don’t believe me? Do a Twitter search for #fail and #inspiring, and look at the respective search volumes.

That is what Emotify wants to do: let people tag and bundle comment based on how it makes them feel. I might not want to see six pieces of content around a single thought, but around “disgusting,” or “shocking” instead. Emotify is out to create and then capture that market.

To see the service in action, check out this Emotipack labeled “inspiring.”


Users pull in content via a bookmarklet, or on the website. Once you bring in a piece of content, other users tag  the content based on their emotional reactions. Once a user has brought three pieces of total content into the ecosystem, they can build Emotipacks, which is a deck of content. Each Emotipack is labeled with a single main emotional overtone, and put into the proper part of the website, perhaps technology, then web.

Jason Calacanis after hearing founder Shaan pitch the company called it the Delicious of emotions. It is a bold concept. But will users actually get on board and use it?

Emotify needs to find an audience, and on the double. Without having users on the site to create the Emotipacks to distribute, the site will not be able to reach any kind of viral status. Emotify of course integrates with numerous social networks, and so its growth and distribution revolve around finding its core userbase to promote their site in their personal channels. At the time of writing, traffic to the new Emotify has yet to even register on Compete.

Of course, how Emotify plans on profiting is still opaque. Although, it is possible to see companies sponsoring different channels. Perhaps Johnny Walker Black would love to sponsor the “amazing” channel. Forever, really.

Emotify is an interesting take on a mature market. I would recommend clicking through the website. At a minimum you find content that you have never seen before. Perhaps you might find a site that you

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