Credeble tracks expenses, saves friendships

Credeble tracks expenses, saves friendships

CredeblePlanning a group event can be a nightmare. Once there are multiple things to pay for and a few people to split the cost between things can quickly get messy.

Hoping to make things simpler and put an end to arguments over who paid for what is Credeble, a web app from a Netherlands-based team for tracking the expenses of a shared project.

Let’s say you’re organising a party. Individual people may pay for different items (the drinks, the food, room hire, a DJ) but everyone wants to split the cost equally. With Credeble, any member of the project can add an expense and choose which member of the group owe money for the item. The service then keeps a running tab of who owes what to whom.

When a payment is made to settle a debt, that can be logged and removed from the total owed.

Credeble is certainly a niche product. Not everyone will have a need for it and it isn’t doing anything that couldn’t be a achieved with a well-crafted spreadsheet or a piece of paper and a pen. It does simplify the process though and many groups could find this the easiest way to track their shared expenses.

There’s still room for further development here. At present the service only offers Euros as a currency although there’s no reason you can’t just ignore the little ‘E’ symbol and use it to track expenses in any decimal currency. Interesting directions for the app to develop in could include a support for multiple currencies within the same project (for planning a foreign holiday, for example) and integration with online finance services like

Credeble is a beautifully simple idea for a web app and while it’s not for everyone, those with a need for it should love it.


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