Bing Is Down – Back up!

Bing Is Down – Back up!


Bing is back up as of 9:07 central US!

More is coming in, for now we are still waiting on strong data. All that we know for sure is that Bing is, and has been down.

At the moment, Bing is down. Bing, the Google competitor can hardly afford such a misstep.

We are not sure what has happened, but are searching at the moment. More as it comes.

– we are updating –


Robert Scoble is having a time over the crash, exorting the world to cover the crash. Sad thing is, he has a point. Google has not gone down (search that is) in my memory. What gives Bing?

– update –

Bing is now producing the following error:

This isn’t the page you wanted!
Try this
Refresh the page. If you get this message again, please check back later.
Ref A: 0e54f88fb91240adb8a5970fb15fab61 Ref B: 0CCBD592623D621EAC276D1FA636E08D Ref C: Thu Dec 03 18:55:08 2009 PST”

We still have no word from Bing, but can safely which face the egg shall land on today. This is not some consumer app, Bing, this is search. Like drinking water, it does not go down.

– update –

21 minutes ago Bing said this:

bing say

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