Backupify – Backs up everything you do online.

Backupify – Backs up everything you do online.

Backupify LogoBackupify (formerly Lifestream Backup) is an online backup solution to a number of popular online services that sit in the cloud. Why is this important? With more people then ever now relying on storing and networking their personal information that sits online rather then their own personal computers the ability to securely back this data up to reduce the chance of data loss becomes an important issue.

To get started using Backupify is very simple with the service offering a number of member plans starting with the free of charge Twitter backup through to the Max plan for serious lifestreamers and costing $14.95 per month. Once you are signed up all that is left to do is select the services you wish to back up, the frequency you would like them backed up and how often you would like to be notified. Simple!

Backupify - Email Confirmations

At the time of this review Backupify allows you to backup a solid number of popular cloud services including the aforementioned Twitter as well as others such as Facebook, Gmail, Flickr and Basecamp to name a few. The service also keeps you updated on pending additions to this list which includes Youtube, Xmarks and Hotmail.

The only major drawback some may find from the Backupify website is it’s fairly simple design and UI however an updated interface is due to be launched by the team in December of this year. Having said that, a simple website design is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to data backup where all I want to know is that my data is being backed up successfully and regularly which Backupify certainly does accomplish.

The Next Web readers can sign up for a free account with 2Gb storage (normally $29) here

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