First Screenshots of “Rdio” – New Music Startup From Skype Founders

First Screenshots of “Rdio” – New Music Startup From Skype Founders

rdio logoReadWriteWeb has secured the first screenshots of Rdio, the stealthy music startup. Rdio, founded by Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis of Skype and Joost fame, will feature a subscription music model similar to Spotify.

Currently in testing with a small number of users, Rdio features on demand streaming for a monthly fee, and eventually music by the song, and album.

This sounds like a mixture of the excellent Zune and Grooveshark applications. Zune offers the most comprehensive music subscription service, via an application, and Grooveshark features great (albeit illegal) streaming online.

Rdio will have to sway users from a plethora of other options, including competing indie-music startups AmieStreet and eMusic.

Rdio, according to ReadWriteWeb will offer both desktop and online interfaces, and will provide both Blackberry and iPhone applications. Rdio seems to be putting together a compelling pile of pieces. Images and more after the jump.

However, it might find is greatest competition from the Zune subscription system, called the “Zune Pass.” For $15 monthly, you can download and stream as much music as you like. Zune pass also features a “keep 10” system, where as a part of your subscription pass, you get to buy ten songs monthly, as part of the fee. So, when you consider the ten song purchases, the Zune pass costs $5 monthly, a very strong price point.

Take a look at the screenshots, a hat tip to Marshall Kirkpatrick for getting them.

rdio 1

rido 2

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