TweetDeck For iPhone MIA For Now

TweetDeck For iPhone MIA For Now

tweetdeck-iphone1-183x200If you head over to the iPhone app store, and search for the popular TweetDeck application, you will have a problem finding it. Bad news: it isn’t there.

Following a Friday release of the product, the application received such a high number of crash reports from phones upgrading to the most recent version, that the TweetDeck team removed it from the app store.

According to TweetDeck:

“On Friday 6th November, v1.1 of the TweetDeck app for the iPhone became available for download in the AppStore.

However, due to some people reporting problems with the upgraded version crashing, we quickly took the decision to pull the app from the AppStore before the problem became too widespread. This problem had not occurred during any of our testing and only surfaced when users began upgrading from the previous version via the AppStore.

We issued a workaround for the problem and had the problem fixed within a couple of hours, at which point the app was resubmitted to the AppStore.

The current position is that we are now waiting for Apple to approve this fixed version (v1.1.1), which will hopefully happen very soon.”

TweetDeck, made popular originally through the Air desktop client has had something of a rocky life on the iPhone, with complaints cropping up among users concerning both speed and reliability. This will do little to quell those users already on the fence about the application.

TweetDeck made the correct move to pull the application, preventing thousands from downloading the application only to suffer endless errors. However, we must fault Apple for failing to talk with the TweetDeck team (they have a phone, call them). TweetDeck is a very popular iPhone application, and people want to know when it will return. Apple owes them an approximation.

TweetDeck will be announcing when Apple lets the revised version past the gates, at which point everything will return to normal.

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