Save Your Twitter Account With UnfollowEveryone

Save Your Twitter Account With UnfollowEveryone

unfolloweveryoneA new application has just been released that will save your Twitter account from inundation: UnfollowEveryone. You know what I am talking about; whenever TweetDeck brings in a new round of updates, 34 come in leaving you scrambling to read what is happening.

Even friends columns lose efficacy past a certain threshold.

Have you ever just wanted to reset your entire account to following no one, and rebuild who you follow? I recently did, unfollowing some 2,700 people in a day. I re-followed the top 100 people that I could name, and have slowly been adding the occasional new person of weight.

UnfollowEveryone, with the push of a few buttons will let you purge everyone. If you were looking for a solution, this is it.

A word of warning, many people run a background service to unfollow people that unfollow them. Expect to lose followers doing this. However, if you care more about having the best incoming data stream, give UnfollowEveryone a try.

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