Apple’s reportedly making a tag to track your things

Apple’s reportedly making a tag to track your things
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Last night, 9to5Mac reported that Apple is working on an app – codenamed GreenTorch – that’ll replace Find My iPhone and Find My Friends app with merged functionality. The company is also supposedly working a tag-like hardware device – internally known as “B389”– to help you find non-Apple products.

The report suggested that the company is already testing the app, which will be available on iOS and MacOS (as a Marzipan app). Apple‘s aim is to make an app that’ll help you track Apple devices and items with the new tag

The tag will be synced to your account through iCloud. Once you attach it to an item, and set it up, it’ll notify you through the new app, in case you get too far away from the item.

Find my iPhone

It’ll also hold your contact information. So when another Apple user finds this tag, they can scan it, and inform you; you’ll also get a notification via the app. This product can be extremely useful if you often leave behind your car keys or wallet.

You will seemingly be able to define ‘ignored locations’ – like home or office – where the app won’t notify you, even if you leave the item with the tag behind. You’ll also be able t0 share location of the tag, so your friends or family can keep track of the item as well.

The new app will reportedly have several enhanced functionalities in addition to the existing ones. It’ll add the ability to share location with friends and family, and request anyone to share their location. You’ll also be able to set up notifications when a friend leaves or arrives at a certain place while location sharing is enabled.

The app introduces a “Find Network” function to track a device even when it’s not connected to WiFi or cellular network. It’ll also have the ability to find all their and their family members’ devices, including AirPods.

The new tag will supposedly launch with the new iPhones. While several other products already exist on market, it’ll be interesting to see Apple’s pricing and implementation method.

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