Apple casually slips membranes into new Macbooks to try and fix keyboard issues

Apple casually slips membranes into new Macbooks to try and fix keyboard issues

Well, I gotta eat my words. Not did I only rubbish Apple for not fixing its keyboard, one of TNW’s editors disagreed with my take on the update so much, he wrote an article refuting it.

Obtained by MacRumours, an internal document that’s been sent to Apple Authorized Service Providers (you know, the folks who fix your Apple products, but don’t wear those silly polo shirts) confirms iFixit’s find of a silicone barrier underneath the keys of the new MacBook Pro.

The document states:

Keyboard and Keycaps
The keyboard has a membrane under the keycaps to prevent debris from entering the butterfly mechanism. The procedure for the space bar replacement has also changed from the previous model. Repair documentation and service videos will be available when keycap parts begin shipping.

In other words – Apple might’ve fixed the issue. Something’s that the company’s keen to do, after extending the warranty for these devices.

Check out iFixit’s photo of the membrane here:

What I find baffling is why Apple didn’t come out earlier and say it’s taken steps to combat its shitty keyboard design. You think this would’ve been some good PR for the company, especially when they focused on how this upgrade made typing quieter – something that the public weren’t really clamoring for, especially when compared to the keyboard furore.

My guess is Apple is uncertain about whether this will genuinely fix the issue, so are giving themselves some wriggle room in case folks’ keyboards still get fucked by dust.

Does this revelation completely change my view of the new MacBook Pro update as being underwhelming? Nah, not really. But credit where credit’s due, Apple is at least trying. A bit. And that’s gotta be worth something. Right?

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