Apple to reportedly extend its iPhone 6s battery replacement program to iPhone 6… or not [UPDATED]

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Update: Apple has reportedly told AppleInsider that “there are no plans” for an iPhone 6 battery exchange program. According to one Apple insider, “There are no plans or grounds for a wide iPhone 6 battery exchange program at this time.”

A few months back, Apple announced its plans to launch a free-of-charge battery replacement program for iPhone 6s owners that have been experiencing unexpected shutdowns – but it seems the program could soon extend to include other models with similar issues.

Japanese news outlet Macotakara reports that the Big A might be readying an identical program for iPhone 6, but details behind this decision remain unclear. While the publication boasts a reliable record of Apple reports, it suggests the news should be treated strictly as a rumor at this point.

When the Cupertino titan initially announced its battery exchange program, it noted that there’s no immediate cause for concern as the issue doesn’t present a safety issue. It also remarked that only a small batch of handsets – manufactured between September and October 2015 – have been affected.

In a follow-up to its original announcement, Apple later said that its investigation suggested more devices than previously thought might be affected by faulty batteries, blaming the malfunction on prolonged exposure to air prior to assembly.

The company further revealed plans to start collecting diagnostic data in order to accurately figure out the source of the problem, further reassuring that the issue doesn’t pose any safety threats.

In addition to dealing with faulty batteries, the tech heavyweight also faced a heated backlash from customers experiencing a flickering screen glitch – more commonly known as ‘Touch Disease‘ – with their iPhone 6 and 6s handsets after the company said it replacing affected displays will cost $149.

While it seems Apple won’t be replacing your flickering display for free anytime soon, it could be worth hanging onto your unstable iPhone 6 battery for a little longer before sending it for repairs to the Apple Store – there’s a good chance Apple might fix it for you free of charge in the near future.

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Apple preparing a battery exchange program for iPhone 6 on Macotakara

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