The 32GB iPhone 7 has 8 times slower storage performance than the 128GB model

Apple isn’t telling you everything about its phones. Few weeks back, GSMArena reported that the 32GB iPhone 7 and 7 Plus had significantly slower storage performance than the 128GB and 256GB models of the device.

In a new video, Unbox Therapy‘s Lew Hilsenteger conducted a series of speed tests that confirm the discrepancy in storage speeds between the different configurations of Apple’s phone – and it turns out the 32GB iPhone is about eight times slower than the larger capacity storage version of the device.

For his first test, Hilsenteger used the free PerformanceTest Mobile app to compare the read and write speeds of the iPhone. While there was little difference between the read speeds of the 32GB and 128GB models, there’s a huge disparity when it comes to write speed. The 32GB iPhone writes at 42MB per second, which is nearly eight times slower than the 128GB version’s 341MB per second.

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Hilsenteger then performed a real-world speed test, which included transferring movies from a MacBook to the iPhone using a USB cable. While the 256GB model took two minutes and 34 seconds to complete the 4.2GB file transfer, the 32GB iPhone 7 needed a total of three minutes and 40 seconds for the same transmission.

While Apple would tell you there’s no difference in performance between the various storage capacity configurations of the iPhone 7, the discrepancy is not entirely surprising. As How-To Geek remarks, larger capacity SSDs tend to perform better than the smaller ones.

So if storage speed matters to you, you might have to spend the extra cash and get the 128GB or 256GB model instead.

Tests Show 32GB iPhone 7 Models Have 8X Slower Data Write Speeds Than Other Capacities on MacRumors

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