iPhone 7 owners are complaining about poor call quality

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Over the course of the past few days, a handful of complaints have emerged on Apple’s support forum from iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus owners claiming that they’re experiencing poor sound quality during phone calls.

“It’s like the phone is hollow and the sound is coming from behind it, ” writes a user describing the problem to a Community Specialist on the forum. He then goes on to add that the issue only occurs in calls.

Lowering the volume appears to alleviate the problem, but it’s certainly not a permanent fix. Fortunately, it looks like Apple is aware of the issue as it’s reportedly providing replacements to customers with a faulty handset.

It’s currently unclear whether the glitch is hardware- or software-related. I’m guessing that it’s to do with the former, though, If the issue was caused by a fault in iOS, it would almost certainly be widespread.

This news comes less than a week after Apple acknowledged and promised to patch a software bug on the iPhone 7 that renders the integrated remote on the new Lightning EarPods useless.

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