iOS 10 is now available: This is how to get it right now


Update: On second thought, maybe it’s worth waiting. Many of those that attempted the upgrade this morning ran into some rather severe issues that necessitated a complete re-install of 9.3.5 and then a second attempt at an upgrade to iOS 10.

It’s iOS day! Apple’s latest release of their mobile operating system has landed, and a lot has changed.

It all comes down to the fact that the new version includes security enhancements as well as a bunch of new features. There are a ton — an eccentric new version of iMessage with its own App Store, new powers for Siri, a redesigned home screen, rich notifications and much more. We’ve summarized the most important reasons to update for you right here:

5 reasons why you should update to iOS 10 right now


How to update

Ready? Let’s do this. Make sure you have a decent Wi-Fi connection and your phone is either charging or has more than 50 percent battery left.

Then, go over to settings and press ‘general’. When you hit the Software Update button everything will speak for itself. Within minutes you’ll have a better, more secure phone.

Want to know more?

We dove into a lot of the new features that are included with this release. If you’re waiting for your phone to download the update, it’s the perfect reading to prepare yourself:

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