Apple’s stores are no longer called ‘Apple Store’

Apple’s stores are no longer called ‘Apple Store’

You’re saying it wrong.

MacRumors noticed Apple is no longer calling its retail locations ‘Apple Store.’ They are now simply known as – wait for it – ‘Apple.’

So instead of ‘Apple Store, Soho,’ the location is now just listed as ‘Apple Soho.’ ‘Apple Store, Ridge Hill,’ is now just ‘Apple Ridge Hill’ and so on.

A letter was sent out to employees to prepare them for the branding change and presumably avoid the wrath of Steve Jobs’s ghost for holding it wrong improper Apple grammar. And while the document indicated it would be a gradual change, a quick look through Apple’s list of locations show that most of them have dropped the store branding (at least online).

Here’s what it looked like before, via Google Cache as of August 16:

Apple Store, Ridge Hill

And here’s what it looks like now:

Apple Ridge Hill now


The obvious implication is that Apple sees these locations as being more than just shopping hubs with an increased focus on community activies (like the essential Kardashian coding sessions). This change in mentality is active pillar of Apple’s new store designs ever since Jony Ive took over.

It also gives off the vibe that you’re interacting directly with the company and brand, rather than just any other retail outlet. Guess it’s just another thing to add to the list of Apple products you’re saying wrong.

Apple Drops 'Store' From Apple Store Branding on MacRumors

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