In photos: iPhone 7 (dummy) compared to the 6S, Plus and SE

In photos: iPhone 7 (dummy) compared to the 6S, Plus and SE

The iPhone 7 is coming, that much we know. While spy shots are always fun, we sourced our own dummy unit to take photos for you, our dear readers.

Below you’ll see an iPhone 7 dummy unit next to the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone SE. We didn’t bother with the iPhone 6 as it’s essentially the same dimensions as the 6S. The 6S Plus is just a size upgrade, but we took images anyway.

We’ll remind you this is a dummy unit, and isn’t operational. It’s meant for third-party manufacturers to use as a model for creating cases and accessories.

While it’s essentially the same as an iPhone 6S, I was struck by the camera. The aluminum of the case now rises to meet the camera flush, which seems like something Apple should have done with the iPhone 6. I’ve never been confident the camera hardware would hold up if dropped; now I am.

As it compares to the SE — I like the increased size, but those who are fans of the smaller iPhone probably won’t find a lot of reasons to upgrade.

We’ve also heard the iPhone 7 would be shorter and chubbier. In the hand, there’s no discernible difference from the iPhone 6S. The differences were always rumored to be slight, much as the change from the iPhone 6 to the 6S was.

The real champion of the iPhone 7 will be the software. We’re also looking to the iPhone 7 Plus to have dual cameras, which will be enticing for mobile photographers. The camera on our iPhone 7 dummy is a bit larger than the hardware on the iPhone 6S, which could mean an upgrade is in the works for both models.

We obviously can’t recommend the hardware alone — as experienced on this dummy unit — is cause for an upgrade. It’s a much nicer phone because of some finishes, but ultimately not the big change we saw with the iPhone 6.

I’m also wondering if stereo speakers are worth the removal of an audio jack, but that’s a wait-and-see thing as well. Anyway, here you go!

iPhone 7 (dummy) compared to the iPhone SE:

iPhone 7 (dummy) compared to the iPhone 6S:


iPhone 7 (dummy) compared to the iPhone 6S Plus:

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