This is what Apple’s alleged ‘Lightning EarPods’ will look like

Apple’s rumored decision to ditch the 3.5mm audio jack is proving to be an increasingly unpopular one. Even Samsung’s VP of marketing is making fun of Apple. Despite that, it’s almost certainly going to happen anyway.

A video posted by Mobile Fun – a UK-based distributor of smartphone accessories – details a working version of Apple’s Lightning EarPods. Accessories manufacturers are notoriously porous, and have been behind a number of high-profile leaks; this looks to be no different.

While it should be emphasized that the move to Lightning is just a rumor, this leak provides credibility to the theory. Firstly, the video demonstrates the EarPods in use, which proves that they’re not just a hastily-made mockup, designed to capitalize on consumer interest and uncertainty in the run-up to the iPhone 7 launch.

Furthermore, the leaked headphones are a carbon-copy of the current design, and resemble earlier leaked photos. This adds credibility to the proposition that these are the genuine article.

If real, it’s not guaranteed that these will actually ship with the iPhone 7. Deutsche Bank has suggested that it will instead ship with a Lightening-to-3.5mm adaptor, in order to placate those unhappy with the move.

Video shows working version of what appear to be official Apple Lightning Earpods on 9 to 5 Mac

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