A lame iOS 9.3 bug is freezing and crashing devices when links are tapped

A lame iOS 9.3 bug is freezing and crashing devices when links are tapped
Credit: Owen Williams / TNW

If your iPhone is freezing or crashing after you click a link, you’re not alone. In the Apple support forums, tons of users are reporting the bug, which seems more prevalent on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus after updating to iOS 9.3.

It’s a strange issue, too; some users either say their device freezes completely when they tap on a link, while others claim selecting links does nothing at all, as if they’re not even supposed to redirect. A long-press on a link also seems to cause a crash, too.

There isn’t even a single app or service we can point to. Safari, Mail, Notes and Messages have all been to blame.

The problem seems widespread, too. In addition to the Apple support page dedicated to the bug, users are taking to Twitter in an attempt to get @Applesupport to help out.

While most widely reported on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, forum comments also point to the iPad Air 2.

It’s not known when a fix will come, either. One user in the forums claims Apple Support was Direct Messaging them on Twitter and says there is no known fix yet, while another commenter claims Apple Support tells them a fix is coming Monday or Tuesday.

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