Now you can make Jony Ive say ‘aluminium’ whenever you want

Now you can make Jony Ive say ‘aluminium’ whenever you want

I’ve said before that my favorite part of every Apple event is Sir Jony Ive’s voiceovers. And while he’s rarely seen on the stage, his lyrical voice has become as popular as his design work.

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Thankfully, as the excitement dies down following this week’s event, someone has found a way to keep us occupied – a Jony Ive soundboard called Jony Jive.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 13.06.01

With all the obscure adjectives you can dream of, this soundboard will surely keep you entertained. From “durable” to “soft, quilted leather” and of course, “aluminium,” you just have to click on the words you want to hear the creepy Jony Ive cut-out say and voilà.

Update September 11 5:41 PM ET: Party’s over, y’all.

Jony Jive: A Jony Ive soundboard

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