Bored with the Apple logo on your Macbook? Try these glowing stickers

There are plenty of Macbook decals out there – Etsy and eBay are full of them – but few of them take advantage of the light behind the Apple logo. That’s where Tabtag comes in.

The sticker company, which began as a Kickstarter campaign, and has just resurfaced after appearing on Product Hunt. It makes glowing stickers that use the logo as a light source.

Screenshot 2015-07-15 08.32.27

There’s a wide selection at $12 (€11) each – it costs $2 for shipping, free if you buy five – or, if you’re willing to stump up a little more cash, Tabtag will whip up a custom option. I’d be into a TNW version.

If you want to splash out even more, there’s always Uncover, which offers custom laser cutting to really personalize your MacBook


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