Apple’s first iPhone 6 ads focus on improved cameras and, of course, larger screens

Apple’s first iPhone 6 ads focus on improved cameras and, of course, larger screens

Apple teased a set of iPhone 6 commercials featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake at the launch event for the new smartphones, and now the company has posted its first two ad spots online.

The videos are interesting because they are among the first wave of messages that Apple is using to position these new devices as being attractive to consumers. Not to mention that they use two voices that will be recognized in households across America, and perhaps beyond too.

With a record 10 million sales under its belt from the opening weekend of iPhone 6 sales, the company now needs to go beyond early adopters and find use cases and stories that truly resonate with mainstream consumers. That’s particularly interesting in this case because the devices are indeed the largest iPhones that Apple has ever made — as the adverts themselves reference — which has polarized opinion somewhat.

So what messages is the company pushing?

The first commercial focuses entirely on the device’s cameras, and a range of features offered including slow-mo, time lapse and quality.

For the second ad spot, the focus is on size. Fallon touches on the benefits of the big screen and briefly mentions the HealthKit features, while Timberlake jokingly continues to talk about just how “huge” they are.

Apple is actually fairly late to the game here, as Samsung started releasing videos about these products right after they were unveiled earlier this month.

The Korean company went after Apple on a range of topics, from the inconsistency of its livestream covering the launch, to apparent poor multitasking, the lack of a stylus and more. Samsung even suggested that Apple copied its ‘phablet’ Galaxy Note series to create the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

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