New Samsung ad claims Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus ‘imitates’ the Galaxy Note

New Samsung ad claims Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus ‘imitates’ the Galaxy Note

More shots have been fired. Fresh from going after Apple with new videos that attack the products it launched last week — and even the bumpy coverage of its livestream broadcast — Samsung is now focusing on the fact that it launched a bigger smartphone first.

In the video below, the Korean company digs into media reports which ridiculed the Note for being too big, and highlights those who suggest that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus “imitates” the Note.

We doubt Apple will return fire directly. Apple CEO Tim Cook already threw some shade when he told PBS that Google is the company’s chief rival, not Samsung. Ouch.

Samsung may have been first, but the new 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus could provide stiff competition for the Galaxy Note, as Andreessen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans pointed out.

Samsung’s latest ad claims iPhone 6 Plus rips off Samsung’s 4 year old Phablet idea [9to5Mac]

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