Apple is overhauling its Photos offering across iOS and Mac

Apple is overhauling its Photos offering across iOS and Mac

Never letting an opportunity slip by to tweak its photo tools, Apple announced a new Photos app for iOS that will eventually make its way to the Mac. As revealed at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, the new Photos lets you share edits and organization across all devices with updates and tweaks syncing in real time. Both Photos apps will integrate with the newly priced iCloud storage to offer more accessible browsing, searching and retouching.

The iOS app stores all photos on all devices via the new iCloud Photo Library while preserving your organization across devices and operating systems. Your device has access to all your photos without taking up additional storage space. A Smart Suggestions feature lets you search by location, time, albums and more.

With the new Photos, your devices will sync all photos and videos in their original format and resolution, including Raw. Files can also be viewed from a browser.


A new time-lapse mode for the mobile Camera app lets you shoot photos at intervals to create a time-lapse video. Just select the time-lapse mode, tap Record and let the app shoot for as long as you want. A final video shows an accelerated sequence of the photos over time, Apple says.

A smart composition tool can straighten horizons and give you a good crop while a single control adjusts the ambient light for a good exposure. Look forward to additional filters for the Camera app too, as iOS 8 opens the app for outside developers to contribute filters and other editing tools.

A companion app for the Mac, also called Photos, is scheduled to debut in 2015. Not surprisingly, it will bear a great similarity to iOS app. Photos for the Mac, was demoed with the new iOS Photos app, which will launch for both iPhone and iPad this fall. Developer betas are available now.

New iCloud pricing will assist those with large photo libraries. The first 5GB is free with 20GB for $0.99 per month and 200GB for $3.99 per month. Additional tiers  are available up to 1TB.

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