Apple says it has served 45B App Store downloads, with $9B paid to developers

Apple says it has served 45B App Store downloads, with $9B paid to developers

Apple revealed on its Q2 2013 quarterly earnings call that it has seen 45 billion App Store downloads and had paid out $9 billion to developers, with $4.5 billion alone coming in recent quarters.

The iPhone maker hit 40 billion total App Store downloads back in January. In February, Apple revealed that it had paid out $8 billion to developers, a jump of $1 billion from January’s total. The company says it is now in a position to pay out $1 billion to developers every quarter.

Meanwhile, Apple’s iCloud service has seen steady growth to 300 million users, up by about 50 million from the previous quarter.

Assuming that Apple took its usual 30 percent cut and passed along the remaining 70 percent of app revenue, the company has made about $3.9 billion directly from the App Store.

Apple posted a solid second fiscal quarter on Tuesday with $43.6 billion in revenue and $9.5 billion in profit. The company sold 37.4 million iPhones and 19.5 million iPads during the period.

iTunes and the App Store are becoming an larger piece of Apple’s business is growing into a larger piece of the pie. Apple posted quarterly revenue records for music, movies and apps during the March quarter, with more than $4 billion in combined quarterly revenue from its iTunes, software and services segment. That’s up 30 percent year-over-year and 12 percent sequentially.

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