Twelve South debuts slim, attractive SurfacePad wrap for iPhone

Twelve South debuts slim, attractive SurfacePad wrap for iPhone

Twelve South, the makers of gorgeous accessories for Mac, iPhone and iPad, has debuted a new ‘case’ for the iPhone 4 and 5. It’s called the SurfacePad and it’s less a case than a slim leather envelope that tacks to the back and folds over your device.

The difference here from a typical case is that it leaves your bezel exposed and has been designed to compliment your device as much as possible, rather than cover its design.

The SurfacePad attaches to the back with the same adhesive that they use for their MacBook wrist pads. It leaves no residue and can be removed and attached as much as you like. We were told ‘hundreds of times’ when we asked exactly how much.

I’ve been testing the SurfacePad for just a few hours at this point, but am really liking it so far. I’ll update you at some point with a full review.

The SurfacePad will be available soon for $34.95 from all of the places that sell Twelve South stuff.









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