Apple officially extends free iCloud storage bump for MobileMe members to September 30, 2013

Apple officially extends free iCloud storage bump for MobileMe members to September 30, 2013

Apple has officially extended the iCloud storage bump for former MobileMe users to September of 2013, according to a support article shared by Applespotlight. Apple had previously increased the storage of iCloud switchers to 10GB, 20GB or 50GB depending on how much MobileMe storage they were paying for when they did so.

Last week, users saw their extensions jump to 2050 for some reason, which appears to have been a glitch. The new extension expiration date is September 30, 2013, for all MobileMe users that moved to iCloud between October 12th and August 1st, 2012.

The complimentary storage bump was made as a thank you for users who had been paying for MobileMe when Apple instituted the new iCloud system. The storage bump for users will last until the expiration date or until a user upgrades their iCloud storage plan. Unfortunately for those who want a lot of storage, if they were only using 10GB of MobileMe storage, they’re stuck there if they want the free extension before they begin paying.

If you cancel an upgraded plan, you’ll be dropped back to the 5GB free plan, not your former MobileMe-extension plan.

In a nice touch, Apple is extending the plan of anyone who upgraded their plan before September 30, 2013 at no additional charge. So if you didn’t know about this deal, you’re going to get the benefits of your increased storage for another year.

Under the previous extension, former MobileMe users had gotten an extra 10-50GB of space through September 30th of 2012, so this represents an extra year of storage increase for those early iCloud adopters.

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