A new video of what may be an iPhone 5 actually booting up

A new video of what may be an iPhone 5 actually booting up

This video of an iPhone that appears to resemble all of the leaked parts we’ve had attributed to the iPhone 5 is the first I’ve  seen of it actually booting up. MIC Gadget says (via Vgooo) that the device was “accidentally discovered” at Foxconn’s factory in Jincheng. I’d read that as stolen, likely for profit.

The video is the first I’ve seen where it actually boots to an operating system of any sort. The screen appears to be the “cannot complete activation” message in iOS 6. The site also has a bunch of images of the phone, which has an extremely funky-colored home button but otherwise looks a lot like the leaks which are heavily rumored to be exactly what the new iPhone will look like.


There are also some other odd details, like an additional pinhole next to the front-facing camera that we haven’t seen before. Still, it does fit most of the other details we’ve seen and, even if fake, should give a general idea of what the device will look like if the current leaks are true.

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