This is what a $10K iTunes Gift Card looks like

This is what a $10K iTunes Gift Card looks like

Apple’s 25 Billionth App download was such an exciting event for us at The Next Web, especially since our own Matthew Panzarino accurately predicted the day it would happen.

The other cool part is that the person who downloaded the 25 Billionth app, Fu Chunli, instantly became a megastar in her home country of China. We didn’t have many details about her other than that the app she downloaded was “Where’s My Water” by Disney and that she won a $10,000 iTunes gift certificate.

It seems that she’s now talking to the press and answering some questions about herself, which has unearthed the fact that she wasn’t a huge Apple fan and had only owned her iPhone for about a month before she won the prize by downloading a free app.

Here are some pictures of Fu Chunli during a recent visit to the Apple store in Beijing and this is what a $10K iTunes Gift Card looks like:

Not only was she not an Apple fangirl, she didn’t even know that the contest existed until the company reached out to her to let her know that she had won the prize. She thought it was a complete hoax and it took a few phone calls and emails to make her realize that it was the real deal.

The media has taken to calling her the “Apple Girl from China”, which is hilarious given the fact that millions of Apple fanatics were downloading apps in hopes of winning the 10K prize, while she simply thought she was just downloading a free Disney app.

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