Apple is already starting to run out of 4G iPad launch day stock online

Apple is already starting to run out of 4G iPad launch day stock online

Less than 24 hours after it was announced, shipping dates for Apple’s new iPad are starting to slip.

If you were planning on securing a white, 4G-enabled iPad on AT&T when the latest version of Apple’s tablet launches on 16 March, you may be disappointed. Although all other models are still showing a 16 March shipping date, two of the three storage options for this particular model have dropped back to a 19 March.

BGR, who alerted us to the situation, has run with an ‘Apple sells out of AT&T iPads already’ headline, which isn’t quite accurate – yet. Specifically, the 16GB and 64GB models show the later date at the time of writing, with the 32GB still in stock for launch day. You can still get any of them in black, too.

While you may shrug your shoulders and say “So what?”, it does mean that if you’re looking to get the device delivered to you on day one in the USA, you’d better get your skates on. It’s likely that other models will follow suit.

For a full breakdown of what Apple announced yesterday, check our handy guide.


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