FLUD 2.0 for iOS: Create your news personality, become a trusted source

FLUD 2.0 for iOS: Create your news personality, become a trusted source

FLUD, the free iOS and Android news reader last updated the iOS version in July with some tremendous features.

A month later the app made its way to Android.

FLUD 2.0, avaialble today as an update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is a complete overhaul of an already grand app.

The major feature of version 2.0 is the launch of a feature known as “News Personality.” For the first time what you read gives you topical credibility among your friends and followers, shaping your news personality and in the process makes you a trusted news source.

One can customize FLUD to your personal tastes. Follow all favorite blogs and news sites, save stories to read when you have time or offline, FLUD articles you love, connect with friends and other Fluders who share your interests.

Other features of FLUD 2.0 include:

  • Design: FLUD 2.0 sports a slick new design.

  • Profiles: Keep a digital diary of articles and blogs you have read and find people with similar interests.

  • Flud: When an article is spectacular, tap the heart. This shows your followers that you endorse this content and they should read it.

  • Activity Feed and Activity Feed: If you’re short on time, check your Activity Feed to see what your followers are reading so you won’t miss anything. Gather the headlines that look interesting with the Reading List button.

  • Tumblr support

Simply put, FLUD kills it with their latest update.

The new design is top-notch, the app is as fast as fast can be, social-sharing is superb and with curation being the new hip thing with the kids, creating your news personality through curation is certain to be a hit.

Pick up the free app here and let us know what you think of FLUD 2.0!

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