Apple is reportedly recruiting senior execs to help grow its cloud services

Apple is reportedly recruiting senior execs to help grow its cloud services

Apple is looking to develop its cloud storage services by bringing in experienced, top level staff, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal, which claims that the company is actively seeking to hire senior executives with “backgrounds in web-based software”.

Sources cited by the Journal claim that Apple has already approached at least one “prominent Internet entrepreneur” within the last year, and it has held discussions with recruiters to step up the search for qualified candidates. At this stage, not a lot of details are known of either the position, or the specifications discussed with recruiters, but the emphasis on developing its cloud services through a senior appointment is clear.

Cloud-based hosting has been tipped to become a major part of the consumer mobile experience for some time. The technology allows users to access files and data from a range of different devices, reflecting the growth in usage of smartphones, tablet and other devices that are increasingly using to go online.

While cloud technologies are not new, the modern application of this technology for consumers storage, by Apple, Google and other leading tech firms, is more aggressive than ever before. With a sizeable proportion of Internet users regularly connecting to the Internet through ‘always-on’ web connections, across any number of computing devices, the once theoretical possibility of storing files and data remotely, has become a distinctly achievable goal that could greatly simplify the end user experience.

A separate Wall Street Journal report adds further evidence to Apple’s push towards cloud services. The Cupertino giant is revealed to have more than doubled its ‘Internet’ and ‘web’ related job vacancies over the last two years, both Google and Facebook have increased their cloud-related employment pushes too.

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