T-Mobile CMO: “We’re not going to get the iPhone 5 this year”

T-Mobile CMO: “We’re not going to get the iPhone 5 this year”

At a town hall meeting for employees, Cole Brodman, the Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile, is quoted as saying that “we are not going to get the iPhone 5 this year,” reports TmoNews.

The quote is pictured in a screenshot of the document that the site has obtained, which attributes the quote to Brodman. This appears to dash hopes that the iPhone would be coming to T-Mobile along with fellow non-iPhone carrier Sprint when the new model releases later this year.

As TmoNews points out, there are a couple of ways to interpret this statement and the site holds out hopes that it may still get the iPhone on a delayed release schedule, perhaps some time early next year.

This is certainly a bummer for anyone on T-Mobile that has been looking forward to becoming an iPhone user in the coming months though. This also makes it look less likely that rumors of a launch briefing earlier this year are true.

T-Mobile’s 3G network, operates on the 1700 MHz spectrum, while AT&T, and the iPhone, runs the 1800 MHz spectrum. This prevents current unlocked iPhone 4 users from utilizing T-Mobile’s 3G speeds, limiting them to the 2G ‘EDGE’ network. This has not stopped several million users with jailbroken iPhones from using them on the T-Mobile network anyway. Hopefully they’ll have an official option soon.

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