Stevie Wonder sings Steve Jobs’ praises for iOS accessibility

Stevie Wonder sings Steve Jobs’ praises for iOS accessibility">

Steve Jobs has been lauded for making the smartphone truly accessible for everyone, incorporating subtle features that help the visually impaired or those with disabilies operate Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod devices.

Last weekend, Stevie Wonder made a special appearance at a nightclub in Los Angeles, ad-libbing to his songs, playing some other tracks but also taking some time to stop the music to give a speech on helping others with disabilities.

At around the 4:38 mark in the video embedded above, Stevie Wonder takes time to thank Steve Jobs and Apple for how they made technology accessible for everyone – the following quote says it all:

There is nothing that you can do on the iPhone or iPad that I can’t do.

Thanks to @AnilDash for the tip.

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