Apple enables Find My iPhone and Find My Mac on

Apple enables Find My iPhone and Find My Mac on

Apple has today enabled the Find My iPhone and Find My Mac features of for developers. The device location service has a completely revamped interface which features a pleasant looking world map that sits on a wooden desk and features iPad-style modal popups.

The Find My iPhone feature allows users to locate any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that has had the service enabled. The devices show up on the map as a blue dot. You can then pick the device and choose to remote lock it, remote wipe it or send it a message or sound.

The Find My Mac service is also live for developers that have installed the iCloud Beta and enabled it under Lion. Your Macs will show up under the same list as your iDevices.

The services also include web apps for Calendars, Contacts, Mail and management of iWork documents. A recent job posting also indicates that it may soon include more extensive web apps for iWork.

The services are available to developers only now, although there was some confusion as to who could log in yesterday. The updated login screen specifies that only those with developer accounts will be able to log in. is scheduled to go live to coincide with the release of iOS 5 and most likely a future iPhone sometime this September or October.

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