It’s here! Mac OS X Lion now available for download

It’s here! Mac OS X Lion now available for download

We’ve had Cheetah, Puma, Jaguar, Panther, Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard. Now, the latest introduction to the Apple OS X feline family is finally here.

Mac OS X Lion can now be downloaded from the Mac App Store, priced at $29.99. Apple’s new OS is available as an upgrade for users currently running Snow Leopard only, and it seems that all other OS X versions won’t be upgradeable to Lion.

OS X Lion offers 250 new features, and presents a significant upgrade for users of earlier OS X versions.

For example, there is Launchpad, which is a dedicated full-screen home for all your apps. And you’ll also have access to full-screen apps too – click a button in the window’s title bar and the app will fill the entire screen. The new version of OS X also has gesture support, meaning that a swipe of the trackpad can take you between apps or back to the desktop.

And there’s good news if you bought a Mac any time after Apple’s WWDC announcement back in June: You will be eligible for a free upgrade to Lion from the App Store.

Mac OS X turned ten years old back in May, and with Mac OS X Lion we have what looks set to be an exciting new addition to the Mac OS family. Stay tuned for our review of the new OS which will be going live very soon, and check out our guide to how much OS X Lion will cost you around the world.

Meanwhile, if you are going to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion, why not take a look our guide on 5 things you should do to prepare your Mac for the upgrade.

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