iPad 2 supply shortages easing as shipments move to 3-5 days

iPad 2 supply shortages easing as shipments move to 3-5 days

The iPad 2 has been in incredibly high demand since its release. Many Apple Stores still host a line of customers waiting to get an iPad 2 from that day’s shipment. Now, shipment dates on Apple’s iPad 2 ordering page have moved from 1-2 weeks up to 3-5 days, indicating that the supply shortages may be easing.

According to reports from suppliers, Apple has set its sights on selling 40 million iPad 2 units in 2011. Apple sold 4.69 million iPad’s in Q2 alone and has sold over 25 million iPads in the 14 months since its launch. With rumors of a newer, high-resolution version of the iPad on its way later this year, those numbers show no sign of abatement.

A report from Digitimes on Tuesday indicated that Apple had ordered 5 million touch screens for iPad 2’s in July. This number was said to match the number it ordered in June. This would put Apple right on track to hit that 40 million iPad target for 2011.

The shipment dates have moved up on the US ordering site but currently they’re still at 1-2 weeks in the UK. Let’s hope that this trend spreads over the pond and soon stock will finally catch up with demand.

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