New Macbook Airs coming on July 19th with Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge

New Macbook Airs coming on July 19th with Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge

We can expect to see new Macbook Airs in mid-July, featuring Thunderbolt and Sandy Bridge — and, of course, Lion. Both Lion and the new Airs will be available as of July 19th, sources connected to Apple have told AppleNApps.

The Macbook Air is well overdue for a refresh, with its 2GB of RAM and various other features not up to scratch in the ultraportable industry anymore, particularly at Apple’s hiked up price points.

The pressure to deliver is on after Sony unveiled the VAIO Z, its latest foray into ultramobiles that features very attractive specs and the ability to beef the laptop up to gaming-readiness with an external GPU that connects via Thunderbolt (I know, I know, Sony are still calling it Light Peak, but somebody’s got to win this bloody naming war and we all know who has the better propaganda machine).

With Intel’s Sandy Bridge low power consumption processor, the Air would see up to 17% more CPU performance over older low power processors. We’re likely to see three processor options, all dual core and between 1.7GHz and 1.8GHz.

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