Nuance to show off its speech-to-text capabilities with Noterize

Nuance to show off its speech-to-text capabilities with Noterize

According to TUAW, voice recognition and processing company Nuance has purchased the note-taking app Noterize. Both Noterize and Nuance have enjoyed some recent press related to Apple, with Nuance features being rumored for inclusion in iOS 5 and Noterize being featured in Apple’s “Iconic” iPad ad.

Noterize is a notes app with a clever markup system that allows people to take notes and add annotations to documents. It’s easy to imagine how Nuance’s voice-to-text technology could make dictating these notes much easier. As TUAW points out, having a ‘flagship’ app that demonstrates the capabilities of Nuance tech in iOS could spur adoption by developers and interest from consumers.

This acquisition comes after the WWDC Keynote showed no signs of Nuance’s rumored integration into iOS 5. Many were surprised to see this supposedly large element of the new OS missing, as the Nuance rumors had been hot and heavy leading up to the conference. Even though Nuance was a no-show at the Keynote, there is still plenty of time for iOS 5 releases that may include voice control features using Nuance technology.

The final version of iOS 5 is due out in fall of this year, most likely alongside a new piece of iPhone hardware.

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