Carousel is quite literally the most beautiful Instagram experience for your Mac

Carousel is quite literally the most beautiful Instagram experience for your Mac

This is gorgeous.

Carousel is a desktop app for your mac that brings the Instagram viewing experience to your desktop. I say “viewing” because sadly it is primarily a read only experience with no ability to share photos (although I suppose that would defeat the excitement of knowing a photo was actually taken by someone’s phone).

The good news is the app is as elegant as it gets and appears to do everything else the iPhone app does and more:

You can browse your own photos, friends photos and popular photos plus commenting & liking also makes the feature list. You can also browse user profiles and follow/unfollow as normal.

Clicking on locations of particular photos will reveal a list of other photos that have been taken there and browsing through the app is a breeze thanks to a number of easy to remember keyboard shortcuts.

The most unique little feature however is being able to drop and drop your favorite images from the app onto your desktop or iPhoto library. Neat.

Finally, Carousel comes with a gorgeous default theme but also a couple of equally gorgeous alternatives to choose from built in. You can also adjust the autorefresh time for more (or indeed less) frequent updates and growl & badge notifications can also be disabled.

Carousel costs $4.99 but a free trial is available. The app is built by US based Mobelux, creators of the original tumblr app that actually got acquired by Tumblr itself. Try Carousel here.

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