Apple will not launch new iPhone in the Summer, says AT&T representative

Apple will not launch new iPhone in the Summer, says AT&T representative

With every Apple product release, industry and media sources speculate release dates and features for an unannounced device. The company is due to unveil its next-generation iPhone sometime this year but if a statement from an AT&T representative is to be believed, an upgraded Apple handset will not launch this summer.

Apple had already cast doubt on reports by stating its upcoming WWDC event in San Francisco would allow developers to “see what’s next” for its iOS and OS X platforms, but media reports continued to suggest a device refresh was due in the Summer.

According to one Macrumors reader, who received confirmation from an AT&T customer care representative, Apple has officially notified the US mobile operator, stating that there will be no new iPhone devices released during its yearly June/July announcements.

Macrumors notes that the reader noticed his eligibility date for his subsidised upgraded has been delayed by five months, prompting him to contact the operator about the change. As part of the response, one AT&T representative offered the following statement:

Apple has informed us that they do not plan to release the iPhone in the June to July timeframe, though there will be a newer version in the future. Unfortunately, we have not been given a release time for the new phone. We will release this information on our website when it is available to us.

As is the case with every unannounced Apple product, we have to take the report with a grain of salt. Apple is well known for spreading misinformation on its products and developers attending the WWDC event could witness the unveiling of the new iDevice.

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