The handiest iPhone/iPod Touch accessory you’ll ever own.

The handiest iPhone/iPod Touch accessory you’ll ever own.

If you’re a frequent viewer of movies on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ve surely run into the problem of having your hand fall asleep while trying to hold the thing. Or maybe you’ve been at the gym, wanting to read headlines while on the treadmill, while your device just keep slipping off and yanking your earbuds from your head.

Enter the PodFlexPro. It’s a simple, innocuous piece of metal, wrapped in neoprene, that will save you from sliding-device heartbreak. Simply slide your iPhone or iPod Touch into the pouch, bend the PodFlexPro to hang or sit wherever you’d like, then enjoy the pleasure that a simple accessory can bring.

The only problem? It’s a bit steep on the price (oh, and the website looks a lot like one of those “As Seen on TV” things). For $25, it would be great if they sent two.

But it’s still a handy thing to have around. Sliding the PodFlexPro into the tray table on your flight will let your iPhone display the movie of your choice in easy viewing range, without you having to hold it. Set it on your desk to keep your iPod in viewing range without having to hold it yourself.

Simple? Yep. Effective? You bet. Worth the money? That’s your call.

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