Apple to open store in Dubai, its first in the Middle East

Apple to open store in Dubai, its first in the Middle East

Apple fans of the Middle East rejoice, the Cupertino behemoth is coming to your neck of the woods. Yes, Apple will be opening a store in Dubai on the 16th of March, its first in the region.

The store will be situated in the world-famous Mall of the Emirates, a location that will ensure that the store receives heavy foot traffic. Over the last 10 years, Dubai has become a symbol of commerce and growth, making it  a prime location for Apple’s first store in the area.

According to Stuff Middle East, who broke the story, there has long been a grey market for Apple products in Dubai and the rest of the UAE, but that prices were exorbitant. With Apple finally making a physical landing, pricing should return to normal levels. In the past, Apple products were very much delayed in reaching the UAE.

Apple stores are a global phenomenon. With their top-flight support teams and hip atmospheres, they are popular the world around. The stores themselves are big sales points for Apple products, something that the company often touts at its press gatherings.

What does the store coming to Dubai signify? It does not mean that the area is ‘coming of age’ or any such nonsense. The region has long had more than enough demand for Apple’s products to make the store a no-brainer. What surprises us is that it took Apple so long to come to the region.

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