How to Pre-order your iPad 2 now, from anywhere in the world

How to Pre-order your iPad 2 now, from anywhere in the world

When the iPad first came out and was only available in the US I asked around on how to get one to The Netherlands. I wanted one and didn’t want to wait an extra 2 months. The company that arranged one for me was US Unlocked. Their CEO, Linda Hemerik, took great care to make sure I was one of the first people in The Netherlands to get my iPad. She also took orders from hundreds of people from all over the world who also wanted their iPads. Now she is doing the same for me for the iPad 2.

So want one too and don’t want to wait until April to get yours? Just follow these instructions (copy pasted from the US Unlocked blog):

1) Set up a US iTunes account with the US Unlocked Card. Tutorial
2) Get your own US phone number.
3) Register the shipment on our Ship It page to get your US shipping address
4) Place the pre-order with your US iTunes account, US shipping address and US phone number.

While following the steps above, make sure:
– you have enough money on your US Unlocked Card to place the order including sales tax (7% to NJ)
– to always be connected to hotspot shield
– to pre-sign for delivery when you get the shipment notification and forward it to us.
The shipping rate for the iPad to will most likely be based on a weight of 4 lbs. Look up the rate to your country here.

Contrary to last year, we will not be taking any personal shopping orders for the iPad 2 as we want to avoid having to disappoint you when Apple cancels orders that previously went through.

Last year, when the first generation iPad became backordered, Apple stopped shipping iPad orders to ‘known freight forwarders’. There is a chance that this might happen again, but we are confident we have given you the tools to successfully place your iPad 2 pre-order.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

I have already ordered my black iPad 3G 64GB with black leather cover. How about you?

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