Steve Jobs reportedly seen at Apple with a “spring in his step”

Steve Jobs reportedly seen at Apple with a “spring in his step”

Concerned over the recent departure of Steve Jobs on a medical leave from Apple? This might make your day. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Jobs has recently been spotted at the Apple campus “looking good” with “a healthy spring in his step”.

The CEO, who will celebrate his 56th birthday on the 24th of this month has been sorely missing from Apple since his departure for a medical leave on January 17th. Though Jobs’ prognosis after his 2009 liver transplant was listed as “excellent”, questions about his medical leaves have left many wondering about a plan of succession for Apple, Inc.

Presently, as we sit on the edge of announcements from Apple concerning the iPad 2 and possibly the MacBook Pro as well, hopes have to be high that Jobs will return to the stage.

We’ll wait and see, as it’s all that we can do at present. With a bit of luck and good rest, perhaps the next “one more thing” will be Jobs himself.

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