Turn your iPhone 4 into a skateboard with grip-tape and wood wrap

Turn your iPhone 4 into a skateboard with grip-tape and wood wrap

iPhone user? Skateboard fan? Ever drop your iPhone? Want to make it stand out? Bingo! Check this out:

Introducing the new, one-of-a-kind Board Series from SlickWraps. If you skate and want to show off your style everywhere you go, this wrap is for you. We use real skateboard grip-tape to manufacture each item and each is precision cut with a laser for a perfect fit. When combined with a wood grain vinyl edge wrap this design actually gives your iPhone 4 the illusion of being a skateboard, all you need now are the wheels. The only advice we can give you is not to slide this phone against your grandma’s table because this material is very rough. Accept no imitations, this wrap is the 1st and only of its kind. Any wrap that follows is surely just a cheap imitation. Get yours today! wood wrap is made of 3m Di-Noc arcitecual wood veneer

Actual wood and real grip-tape? That will surely screw up the insides of your pants pockets! Awesome! What are you waiting for? Go order!

Of course, don’t use it for actual skateboarding. Or do, and make a movie (thanks for the tip Marc):

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