Bloomberg: Jobs was told of iPhone 4 antenna problem a year ago.

Bloomberg: Jobs was told of iPhone 4 antenna problem a year ago.

Well now, this is interesting. According to an unnamed source, who is not authorized to speak for Apple, Steve Jobs was informed of possible issues with the antenna design as early as a year ago.

The article details that Ruben Caballero, a senior Apple engineer, told Apple management that the design might cause reception problems.

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With rumors of a recall (unlikely) and a declining stock price, it seems that Apple would have been best served to pay closer attention to early design concerns instead of picking up the pieces after the fact.

There is now rumor that a 2.0.1 release of the iOS will be available soon, but there are no details about whether it will have any effect on the reception issues.  However, it has already been noted that the 2.1 beta release of iOS bears no change toward actual reception issues, instead only increasing the size of the bars that are displayed.

There will, apparently, be a press conference tomorrow.  Perhaps we’ll have some more answers at that time.

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