The iPad Keyboard Dock Works with the iPhone (on iOS4)

The iPad Keyboard Dock Works with the iPhone (on iOS4)

You should already know that one of the most exciting features of IOS4 is the ability to use a Bluetooth keyboard to type on your iPhone or iPod Touch, assuming you have iOS4 installed of course. I say “exciting”, whether anyone actually uses it is questionable.

That said, what the legendary Andy Ihnatko has discovered however is that you can also use the iPad Keyboard dock with the iPhone and Touch too – albeit with a bit of a struggle.

Ihnatko explains:

1) The iPhone 3GS’s rounded base has a tendency to wiggle up from the dock, causing Unexpected Things to sometimes happen. Sometimes I’d experience “stuck” keys. I also suspect that another potential Unexpected Thing might be that your iPhone’s dock connector could get cracked if you keep trying to scrunch it in there.

2) This is only a practical solution to the problem someone betting you $10 that it can’t be done. The iPad Keyboard Dock isn’t even a practical travel dock for the iPad, for God’s sake. If you want to use a physical keyboard with the iPhone, just get a Bluetooth one. Apple’s Wireless keyboard is slim, trim, affordable, and it works great. Other Bluetooth keyboards are even smaller.

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