Ok, this is getting MESSY. That iPhone 4G leak? Could be genuine.

Ok, this is getting MESSY. That iPhone 4G leak? Could be genuine.

Ok, so we’ve been back and forth over the last 24 hours with news via gadget blog Engadget of an iPhone 4G being discovered in a bar in San Francisco.

The device unquestionably did not look up to Apple’s usual standards but you’d be forgiven for believing it was an early prototype. Earlier today Mac Rumors revealed that the device was in fact a Japanese rip off and not the iPhone 4g we were starting to believe it could be.

Not long after Mac Rumors report, an Engadget reader spotted something very interesting indeed. The reader noticed the similarities between that “rip off” iPhone and an early leaked shot of the iPad that turned out to be true…both sat side by side. There’s no denying it, it’s the same phone. Image below.

Where does that leave us? Baffled and praying if it is indeed the next iPhone – it’s intentionally ugly until its release date believed to be on the 22nd June.

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