Apple Paying “We’re Sorry” Money To Broken 27″ iMac Owners

Apple Paying “We’re Sorry” Money To Broken 27″ iMac Owners

imac27Apple can be such a class act. Customers of the ill-fated, and now not manufactured 27″ iMac might be getting some relief for their troubles.

Apple is paying out a cash amount to broken iMac owners who bring in their systems, which is name is for “tax and shipping.”

Funny thing is, if you live near an Apple store and pay no sales tax, you still get the 15%. Cash in your pocket once you bring your broken machine back.

If you bought a $2000 27″ iMac, you are getting around $300 from Apple, no questions asked if you have a flickering screen (or one of the host of issues that the computers suffer). Of course, other people are not going to get the full 15%.

If you live in an area with a high sales tax and no Apple store, you just get your already paid tax back, once the rest of the money pays for shipping.

Some people are about to get a sizeable refund, others are not. Still, a free 15% never hurt anyone.

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