The 27″ iLemon Is iKaput As Apple Pulls The Manufacturing Plug

The 27″ iLemon Is iKaput As Apple Pulls The Manufacturing Plug

imac1 The 27 iMac Is Now Delayed Three Weeks   This Machine Is A ProblemThe soap opera of the 27 inch iMac has come to a end, with Apple halting the production line from building any more units until it can sort out the problems with the system.

The 27″ machines were respected across the industry for their gigantic screen real estate and amazing viewing quality. However, quality problems have plagued the devices, and no amount of patching from Apple had yet to resolve the endemic problems.

With that in mind, with increasing number of owners with the iMacs experiencing intractable problems, Apple is hedging their bets by refusing to build another until they get their hardware house in order.

If you have missed the debacle, some of the problems that the 27″ devices were experiencing include:

After the initial round of problems, the comical delays due to the US government confusing Apple products with fruit, and the initial round of waiting, we now have even more bugs. Oh, and those pesky cracked screens, of course.

Now to this proud record Apple is adding another three week delay in shipments. Here’s a tip Apple; don’t sell a machine until it’s finished. The 27″ iMac is beginning to feel like the Vista of Mac hardware: a great concept that never quite got there. And when it did, it was chipped and you sent it back.

Of course, those delays are now for the foreseeable future. This should be the end of the road. Apple will set this right, and resume manufacture. Pity they did not do this some weeks past.

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