27″ iMacs Continue To Have Problems, Even After The New Patch

27″ iMacs Continue To Have Problems, Even After The New Patch

imacIt seems that the saga surrounding the 27″ iMacs is never ending.

After the initial round of problems, the comical delays due to the US government confusing Apple products with fruit, and the initial round of waiting, we now have even more bugs.

Oh, and those pesky cracked screens, of course.

Apple recently released a patch to fix the flickering error that was annoyingly apparent. We all thought that finally, the saga of screw-ups was over.

Turns out, this soap-opera has one more act. According to ComputerWorld, the problem is not fixed. “Owners of Apple‘s 27-in. iMac have reported that the firmware update released earlier this week has not solved their flickering display problems, according to Apple’s own support forum.”

Given that I happen to be a PC user, I do derive a certain pleasure watching Macs doing their thing, and just working.

Of course, this is hardly a laughing matter for users that have the ATI Radeon HD 4670 or 4850 graphics cards in their iMacs. Also, too bad that this is happening to the Mac with the best screen. I have feasted my eyes upon the 27″, and can say that the reports are true: it is a simply stunning monitor.

Once Apple does sort this out, buying one of these machines would be a darn find idea.

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